Are you selling a property and want to ensure you're compliant?

If you’re selling a property with a Septic Tank or other off-mains drainage system get ahead of the game and arrange a Home Sellers Survey…

ADP can check your existing Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant and associated drainage and provide a full report on its operation and whether it meets the Environment Agency new general binding rules. Our enhanced survey packages include a full CCTV drainage check and site drainage plan.

Is it required? YES!!

The survey report will include information on:

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    Drain and Tank Condition and Information

    This covers the actual condition of the drains and Septic Tank or sewage treatment plant and includes any damage or potential areas that need work.

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    Misconnections/cross connections

    This part of the home buyers drain survey looks at any pipes that are not connected properly. This could result in leakage and incorrect flow levels. We identify and report any such issues and advise on any remedial work. We will also identify any rainwater or surface water connections leading to the Septic Tank/Sewage treatment plant and recommend the best course of action for removing these along with an estimated cost.

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    Drainage System Ownership and Responsibility

    It is not always clear who is responsible for certain parts of the drainage and sewage systems around properties. This is one of those things that many people fail to think about until there is a problem. This can lead to confusion, issues with neighbours and even legal problems in the event of a something going wrong. Much like a chartered surveyor will outline the boundaries of the property we will provide information about the drain ownership.

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    Drain Mapping

    Your drainage survey will also provide you with a map of the drainage system. This can be very useful and save money in the event of any damage or repair work needed at a later date. It can also help if you then go on to sell the property as this map is unlikely to change.

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    Detailed Report

    You will receive a detailed report including images and video from the CCTV survey equipment. This information can then be used during the property purchase or any other legal situation. ADP are on hand to explain any issues and go over the report with you.

A home sellers survey report saves you time and the hassle of waiting for your buyers to get a similar report done and with an idea on the costs involved to bring the system up to scratch (if applicable) you can get an accurate upfront idea on what is required, these additional costs can often be inflated and used to dramatically reduce the price of your property.

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