Are you aware damage to your septic tank or sewage treatment plant may be covered by your insurance policy?

Many of our customers have successfully been able to claim on their buildings insurance where damage to the existing septic tank or sewage treatment plant resulted in replacement or repair work being undertaken.

Many property owners don’t realise that the costs to replace or repair household drainage systems are often covered by their existing buildings insurance policy saving you thousands of pounds in repair bills.

Let ADP take the stress out of your claim

Even for those property owners who are aware that they may be covered, the thought of making and negotiating a claim with an insurer can be a daunting prospect. What if they turn the claim down? What if they have technical questions about how the system works and what has happened to it?

Generally speaking, if your drainage system has been regularly emptied and maintained, and has previously functioned without issue but suddenly appears to have failed – it’s likely that ADP Environmental Services Ltd can help. All work is managed, arranged and carried out by us, no third party involvement, insured and guaranteed for future piece of mind.

In order for work to be insurable then it must be caused by accidental damage caused by an unforeseen external event.

The most common successful claims are for...

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    Missing Tee pipes

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    Cracked and/or bending tanks.

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    Damaged and/or collapsing baffles.

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    Water ingress through a split or crack.

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    Tanks that have popped out of the ground.

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    Root damage/ingress

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    A completely failed septic tank system

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    Septic tanks that collapsed due to increase in water table height

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    Tanks that have moved by ground pressure or flooding

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    Damage to tanks by vehicle movement

Minor damage may result in a major problem for example, a missing Tee pipe causing sludge transfer to block a soakaway / drainage field.

In all cases, it is VITAL that you do not contact your Insurance Company directly as most people invalidate their claim by saying the wrong thing.

Contact ADP Environmental Services Ltd for more information and we will handle your claim for you, FREE OF CHARGE.

In the unlikely event that the insurance claim is not successful we can provide you with a free quotation for any works required.

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