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Andy has worked in the pumping and sewage treatment industry since he left school and completed a mechanical and electrical apprenticeship and degree in both engineering disciplines.

With over 25 years experience working with pumps, sewage treatment plants and chemical dosing systems all over the world Andy is well placed to offer expert knowledge, advice and great customer service in this industry.

Andy spent the first 15 years of his career on the tools, trained by the manufacturers and dealing with problems on site before managing a team of service engineers and being a key part of building the customer base at some of the worlds largest sewage treatment companies.

When not working Andy likes to spend his time watching Rugby League and taking time out with his wife and children.

tel. 07481 914161



Paul has over 15 years experience working in the sewage industry and as such he is well suited to provide expert advice and solutions to all your sewage needs.

He began his career as a maintenance engineer working primarily on pumping stations. He then joined one of the largest manufacturers of sewage treatment plants as a maintenance engineer, progressing to Lead Engineer, before joining ADP Environmental Services.

Paul’s main focus is the installation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, oil separators, septic tanks and rainwater harvesting systems.

When not working, Paul enjoys spending time with his family and both watching and playing football. He is also heavily involved in the running of an amateur football club.

tel. 07397 864293



Darren started his career as a production supervisor in the handmade bespoke bicycle business.

He relocated from London to Nottingham and secured a role at the new television studios being built there in 1984.

He went back to college at the age of 21 and studied maintenance engineering to management level both mechanical and electrical plus plant installation and commissioning in his spare time over the next 3 years.

He then joined the pump world working 10 years as an electrical/mechanical service and installation engineer for one of the world’s largest pump companies specialising in submersible and process pumps for the sewage and paper industry. Darren decided to diversify into the chemical dosing engineering business for a 2 year spell working on desalination plant being constructed for the 2012 Olympics

After a brief spell freelancing in the pump installation role he then went on to the sewage treatment plant maintenance and repair role where he was a senior engineer for the East side of the United Kingdom working for the market leader in sewage treatment plants and package pump stations.

He then had a 2-year spell as a senior engineer for a large Dutch company who specialise in effluent water treatment from process factories

When not working Darren likes his cars, motor racing and travel.

tel. 07378 169113

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