Oil Water Separators

Oil Water Separators are designed to trap silt, oil and other hazardous substances. This is to prevent them entering the local environment and stop them polluting your site.

If not properly serviced and maintained they can become blocked. Filters then become clogged stopping the flow of water through them. This can end up causing unnecessary overflowing or flooding. You could be fined for not complying to EN 858-2 guidelines for polluting the local environment as a result.

Water Oil Separator Servicing and Maintenance

As such, it is vital that an annual service and maintenance of your system is carried out. Our service plans cover all makes of oil water separators found in; distribution centres, hauliers yards, car parks, schools and industrial sites or where oil is stored and vehicle maintenance areas. We offer a free site inspection to ascertain the make and type of separator you have prior to quoting for the service.

We carry out a confined space entry during our services for a full clean and empty of your system. This ensures all the silt and oil is removed. Whereas most other companies only replace the filter and don’t guarantee the system, ADP Environmental services will also check the tank integrity and all internal equipment.

Alert systems to prevent future damage

We can install an oil, silt and high level warning system to your separator for full monitoring. This provides early warning of when your system needs to be emptied. It also indicates if there has been a spillage into your tank.

For systems fitted with an alarm system we offer a remote GSM alarm system for your oil water separator. The alarm automatically sends you a message when there’s a problem. For our contract customers we are linked to this system meaning we know at the same time as you. The ensures we can respond straight away, thus preventing serious damage to your system.

Please contact us for further information and prices on our oil water separator services.

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