Sewage Treatment Plants

With over 20 years in the Sewage treatment industry ADP Environmental Services Ltd have the knowledge and expertise in all makes of domestic and commercial sewage treatment plants.

Our engineers have been trained by the leading manufacturers and offer a one-stop-shop for all sewage treatment plant services.

We are able to...

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    Size the correct sewage treatment plant and advise on correct use

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    Size and install your soak away drainage field if required

    (Bespoke above ground soak away systems a speciality)

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    Install your sewage treatment plant and associated drainage and electrics

    Our in-house team can complete your sewage treatment plant installation. We don’t subcontract any of our work. It’s all carried out by our experienced and qualified team.

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    Set Up and commission your sewage treatment plant

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    Refurbish and repair any existing sewage treatment plant

    Refurbishment of your existing tank can be one solution when looking to extend the life of your plant. Our team here at ADP can also carry out sewage treatment plant repairs, which can save a whole host of problems down the line.

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    Supply genuine replacement parts

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    Sewage treatment plant inspections

    Sewage treatment plant inspections are essential to ensure the system is operating correctly. Also to ensure the treated effluent is being separated from all solid waste.

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    Carry out routine effluent testing onsite to ensure your system is working correctly

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    Check and arrange de-sludge/empty visits if your system requires it

Sewage Treatment Plant Installers - ADP Environmental Services
Sewage Treatment Plant Installers - ADP Environmental Services

There’s many solutions to your problems

Our expert engineers can also make assessments of older treatment plants suitable for conversion. Furthermore, we convert older systems that use submerged pumps to move effluent and provide oxygen to the plant.

Due to the nature of being submerged the pump’s lifespan can be very short and the level of treatment not very good. This can leave you with a smelly plant that’s polluting the environment.

We can retrofit these systems with air blowers housed outside the sewage treatment plant. The system allows a greater airflow increasing the amount of oxygen in the plant. In turn, this boosts the bacteria and gives you better treatment. Additionally, this can save you money on the cost of a replacement system. In most cases it will make a large saving on electricity bills too.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Service Packages

Check out one of our fantastic service packages. They explain how ADP Environmental Services Ltd can provide the necessary routine annual maintenance of your sewage treatment plant. It’s key to helping prevent system failures and breakdowns.

In the unlikely event that your system does fail, our emergency callout service is available 24/7. This provides you with the peace of mind you need to ensure your plant never lets you down.

Remote monitoring available

We offer a remote GSM alarm system, which automatically sends you a message when there’s a problem. For our contract customers we are linked to this system. This ensure we know at the same time as you and can respond straight away. It plays a vital part in preventing serious damage to your system.

ADP Environmental Services are your one-stop-shop when it comes to all aspects of domestic or commercial sewage treatment plants. Contact us for more information.

You can also find out more on the rules and regulations surrounding this by visiting the UK government website.

Why not take a look at our FAQ’s page on buying a property with a off the mains septic tank or sewage treatment plant?

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