Septic Tank Inspections

Old or new it is important to get your septic tank regularly inspected and emptied, many people are told that it is not a requirement to get your septic tank inspected. Ask yourself this question, “Do I need to get my car regularly maintained to ensure it works correctly?” the answer is the same for all ‘off mains drainage systems including septic tanks’ YES!!

Whether your Septic Tank discharges into a drainage field or soak away pit you must ensure the system is operating correctly and the treated effluent is being separated from all solid waste.

If you’re looking for a company that can check and verify your system operation look no further.

Common problems causing your Septic Tank to fail: -

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    Collapsed baffle

    This is part of the system designed to separate the solids and liquids during the treatment process

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    Damage to the dip pipes or tee pieces

    Also designed to prevent the transfer of Fats/Oils/greases between treatment zones or more importantly the tank discharge

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    Hydrostatic Pressure

    External water pressure/ground water can cause the tank to fracture or move within the ground, inlet and outlet pipes can crack or become displaced and in extreme circumstances the tank can pop out of the ground

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    Ground Movement or landslip

    Ground settlement is common over the years and can cause displacement of pipework or accidental damage to baffles, if the tank isn’t level the treatment process could be compromised

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    Root Damage

    Tree Roots and roots from bushes can find there way around the tank and into the joints causing tanks to split or create irreparable GRP damage allowing the untreated effluent to leave the tank and contaminate the tank surround.

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    Vehicle Damage

    Common in agricultural areas where heavy vehicles can pass over land where there is a drainage field collapsing pipes and preventing tanks from discharging. Also tanks that have been installed in vehicle areas can be subject to ground movement or load shock from above causing cracks and displaced joints.

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    Incorrect Installation

    Unfortunately there is no governing body that ensures septic tanks and sewage treatment plants are installed correctly. This sometimes leads to tanks having the incorrect backfill media or none at all and in some cases the tanks will move and pop out of the ground as a result

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    Lack of maintenance

    Whether you have a Septic Tank, Sewage treatment plant or pump chamber regular annual maintenance is important to ensure correct operation and stop small minor failures becoming large expensive ones

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    A change in ground conditions

    Throughout the years the natural water table moves up and down depending on area and amount of rainfall, a tank installed 10 years ago in perfectly dry conditions may have only required a pea gravel backfill or similar material, fast forward 10 years and the water table has risen significantly to create a wet site and now your tank is surrounded by water and may become displaced or pop from the ground because there is nothing substantial holding it in

CCTV Surveys

If you’re moving house or buying a new property with a septic tank we can provide a full health check and system report for your peace of mind.

If you’re unsure whether your septic tank meets the new general binding rules give ADP Environmental Services a call and we can offer a free site inspection. Once we know the type and condition of your system, we offer a quote for any recommendations this may include repairs or a replacement tank and soak away/drainage field.

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